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Short Hair or Not?

 Hello everyone! Today it is extremely hot out and I thought it was a good reminder of how great short hair is.

 <--- I myself just recently got my hair cut at about this length. Just let me tell you. It is so much nicer, and it's great in the hot weather.

 Pros of short hair:
  • It doesn't take as long to wash.
  • It lifts your whole appearance, making you look brighter and even cuter.
  • It is fantastic in hot weather.
  • If you have been running around all day, it hardly ever gets tangled or gross.
  • It looks great curly or straight.
  • Combing and brushing it is a five second task!
  • Gives your hair more volume.
  • when swimming, you don't have to tie it back!
 Cons of short hair:
  •  Once it's gone, you can't get it back.
  • You can't do much with it if it's around chin level or shorter.
  • While a lot of people can rock it, you may not be able to. refer to the first con.
  • It doesn't flow in the wind. (Don't you just love that feeling?)
  • Since short hair is not very common, you may get more attention. So all attention grabbers, it's your chance to shine!
 I think that it is better to have short hair because it's lighter and prettier. If you prefer long hair, then that's your own opinion. I just think that it always has a better outcome overall.

 Quick tip: If you are not sure of short hair, try cutting it to your shoulders. A happy medium!

 Good luck!

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