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Beauty For Beginnners: Concealer

                                                                                                                                                                       Hello there my beauties! Concealer is used mainly for making the appearances of imperfections less noticeable. That is why most woman wear it. But.. Maybe you have some questions.

 Having a concealer too light or too dark is a bad thing. Examine your skin tone, and then try to find a concealer that is as close to that shade as possible. Tip: Test the concealer on your jawline and blend. If it is unnoticeable, you found a winner.

 There are a few different types of concealer.

 Cream: It can come in a tube that looks like lip gloss. The trick for it? Dab it onto the spots, and using your ring finger or a brush, just pat and press to blend.

 Stick: Stick concealers are pretty easy to use, but beware. The color at the start of the stick may differ from the actual color.

 Potted: Potted concealers are good when using a small concealer brush and feathering it out. You can use the same technique for stick concealers as well.

 There are also a few types of concealers. eye concealer, face concealer, etc.

 I hope that this has cleared some things for you. Have fun!

 P.S. If you have a blemish, use a medicated concealer and then go over that with a regular concealer.
 P.P.S. Sorry for no images. They're not working.

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