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Beauty For Beginners: Lip gloss

 Lip gloss is one of the most used makeup products. As you all know, they come in almost every color.

 The main purpose of lip gloss is to make your lips look bigger and wetter. It is a great way to plump up your lips and make them look healthy and hydrated.

 Plumping gloss contains an ingredient that "stings" your lips to make them swell slightly, making your lips bigger. Some lipsticks and lip balms may also contain lip plumping ingredients.

 A good tip for girls that want bigger lips without plumping is to use the wand or lip brush in downward strokes, which gives the lips a 3D effect.

 When your lip gloss begins to run out, simply boil water in a small pot and put the lip gloss tubes in(with the caps still on) and leave them in there for 5-8 minutes. The heat makes the gloss expand, making the tube full again.

 There are tons of different gloss textures. Sparkle/glitter, cream gloss, transparent, scented, etc. Gloss is a fantastic way to finish up any outfit.

 If you want a cheap, easy, on-the-go lip gloss, try buying some mini glosses! I recommend the mini glosses from Essence Cosmetics.

 Have fun with your lip gloss, and don't be afraid to experiment!

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