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Beauty For Beginners: Pencil Eyeliner

 Eyeliner is a product that makes your eyes stand out even more.

 Natural colors make your eyes stand out without having to wear bright colors, and they also make your eyelashes look thicker.

 Brighter colors make your eyes stand out tremendously, bringing in all the attention; Good for parties and other events.

 Eyeliner in pencil form is pretty easy to use and not messy. To own a pencil eyeliner you should have a makeup pencil sharpener so that it doesn't get too dull.

 Pencil eyeliner is a very subtle way to add color to your eyes. It also isn't as sharp looking as liquid liner.

 When sharpening, stop when it is a little bit less than sharp. That way the liner goes on smooth and it doesn't hurt your eyes as much.

 Deciding which color to buy may be harder for some people because there are so many to choose from! An easy way to decide is to look at your own eye color.

 Brown: Brown is the most common type or eye color, and the most versatile. If you want tomake your eyes stand out, wear gold, blue, purple, and bronze shades of eyeliner.

 Blue: Blue is a very icy shade, so I think that silver, gold, and brown eyeliners look great next to the blue.

 Green: Green is a very pretty shade. Gold, purple, blue, and black liners would look beautiful.

 Hazel: Hazel eyes are least common eye colors. Make your stand out by using shades of purple, blue, and green.

 I hope that I gave some helpful tips. Have fun!

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