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Summer Wardrobe and Tips

Summer is the time of the year where big, heavy winter coats are put in the back of the closet, and tank tops are put in the front. Find out how to look and be ready for summer. For most people summer means that you go to the beach, the forest, and pretty much all of the places that you couldn't go to during the winter.

 To begin I will give a few tips on keeping healthy during the hot weather.
  • When using sunscreen, less is more. You have heard it, so remember it! Try to get at least SPF 50. And reapply after swimming or every couple hours.
  • Since in the summer you sweat a lot, wearing too much makeup is a problem. The heat and sweat will melt your makeup and look really bad. 
  • If you still want to wear face makeup, instead of foundation try tinted moisturizer. It is a lighter alternative.
  • Cover up as much skin as possible. T-shirts and large brimmed hats are a yes!
  • Always have a large bottle of water throughout the day. It keeps you hydrated.
 Summer is also an opportunity to show off your style. Layer tank-tops, vests, T-shirts, wear shorts, and just about anything you want.

 Want to try a fun activity? Buy some fabric paint, and get a T-shirt or tank-top in whatever color you like, and paint on your own design! Perfect DIY project to show off at the mall!

 I hope that this helped you. Have fun!

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