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Beginners Beauty Bag

 Hello! I know that there are some girls out there who are just starting to wear makeup. Some girls don't know where to start. So let me help!

 Having a go-to beauty bag is a great idea. It makes it easy for touch-ups on the go. To begin, I suggest getting some mini lip glosses in clear, pink, and red. Those main colors match anything. You can get them in whatever textures you would like.

 Second, have a duplicate of your favorite mascara for your beauty bag. To go with that have an eyelash curler to use before hand to amp up your lashes!

 Face makeup is one of the most used things in most makeup collections. Concealer to cover up imperfections, and powder to mattify your face and set the concealer/tinted moisturizer/foundation, whichever you prefer.

 Lip balm is the one makeup product that you really need. Moisturizing your lips is very important. It keeps them from getting chapped.(eeekk!)

 Oil absorbing sheets are good to have on hand to absorb excess oil from your skin and prevent breakouts.

 That is really all you need for your makeup bag. Have fun!

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