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Home Manicure!

 Hey everyone! It is such a nice night. Perfect for a..... Drum roll please!.......

 Home manicure!

 That's right. A good trim and polish for the nails. Get out your nail files, clippers, and polishes because this is going to get fun!

 First, Trim your nails straight across. If you do it on an angle, you are at risk for ingrown nails. Then file them. If you have one of those four step buffer tools, you have it easy.

 Then have fun! Do a design, paint them neon, use glitter, do anything.

 If you want to try something new, take a small piece of tape and lay it on your nail just beside the tips. Then paint them whatever color/design you want. Wait until they're dry, and then slowly peel off the tape. There you go! Beautiful tips that you can brag to anybody about.

 This is a fun activity to do at a sleepover, at a get together, whatever you do.

 Have fun and show off your beautiful nails!

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