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DIY Face & Body Scrub

 Hello! Just another rainy day. Why don't I tell a bit about a home remedy?

 Oatmeal is an incredible face cleanser. It has an ability to help itchiness, redness, and minor irritations.
 It absorbs dirt and impurities while exfoliating your skin without having the downsides of harsh chemicals. The result is smoother, brighter, and clearer skin using only this natural item!

 How to do it? Take a palm full of oatmeal and make a fist. Run water through your fist so that it makes the oatmeal wet. Do this for about ten seconds

 Then open up your hand and run a little bit more water onto the oatmeal so that it becomes soft. Then you can spread it onto your face and exfoliate for about one to three minutes. Then rinse it off and voila! Glowing, smooth skin.

 Another great idea is to have oatmeal baths. I know it sounds really strange, but it works. Run your bath as usual, then add some oatmeal. Maybe one or two handfuls. As much as you like.

 Then just bathe! If you want for even clearer skin, take your washcloth or loofah or whatever you would like to use, and scoop up some oatmeal and rub it on your arms and legs. 

 I hope that you try this idea. Let me know what you think!

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