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Perfect Red Lips

 Hey everybody! Ever wanted to achieve bright, beautiful lips for a night out at a concert or going to a fancy restaurant? Well, we know the answer to that one. Red lips!

 Fiery red makes your lips the center of attention. But you should have a bright red lip color that matches your skin tone.

 What you'll need is sunlight. So go outside on a nice day and turn your hands palm up. Then look at your wrists.

 If the veins in your wrists are blue, you are cool toned.

 If they are green, you are warm toned.

 If they are both, you are neutral, which means you can wear warm and cool colors. Lucky you!

 Another test is the off-white and white test. If you look better in off-white, you are warm toned. If you look better in white, you are cool toned.

 So if you are cool toned, look for red lipstick with cool undertones like blues.

 Warm toned people, look for ones with orangey undertones.

 Remember when you are applying the color, use a lip liner for sharpness and neatness. Like coloring sheets. Then you can just fill it in. I guarantee you will be the center of attention!

 Have fun!

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