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Beauty For Beginners: Mascara 101

 Mascara is a product used daily by many girls and women that want a boost for their eyelashes. It is very important to find a mascara formula made for your type of lashes.

 Do you have short eyelashes? I advise you to get an eyelash curler. Eyelash curlers are made to help short lashes and make them seem longer. Make sure that you pick a mascara with the label "lengthening" to add even more length.

 For thick eyelashes? Thick eyelashes are always a desire for many women all over the world. Voluminous mascaras thankfully plumps up lashes for maximum volume.

 Waterproof mascara is good to invest in. It is good in and out of water, and doesn't smudge as much as non-waterproof mascara. Although it can be very harsh on your lashes and it may irritate your eyes. So some may only prefer non-waterproof and others may only wear waterproof mascara. It depends on your comfort level.

 There are some mascaras that come in different colors to show off your style. Hard Candy has some nice colors to choose from.

  •  You don't need too much. If you use an eyelash curler prior to applying mascara, you only need about one coat.
  • The thinner your mascara brush is, the easier it is to get to hard-to-reach corners. It gives you more control.
  • If you have blonde eyelashes and blonde hair, you should think about using a brown mascara instead so that it doesn't appear as harshly as it would if you used black.
  • Bent wands are easier to use. they give more control!
  Have fun and tell me what you think!

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