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Keep Your Eyebrows In Shape

 Hello my lovelies. Today is one of those days perfect for a day at the beach, or if you aren't a big fan of the heat, a day at the mall.

 Your eyebrows frame your eyes, so why not make them look great? It's as simple as one, two, three!

 Of course you probably do this, but for those who don't, here it is: Plucking your eyebrows is the easiest way to keep them in shape. Just make sure to follow the curve so you don't end up with uneven eyebrows. Also, don't pluck too many hairs or you'll end up with no eyebrows at all!

 If you already pluck your eyebrows but they are very sparse, think about investing in an eyebrow pencil. eyebrow pencils are like eyeliner, but for your brows. an easy way to pick the right color is to find a mix between your natural brow color and your hair color.

 Keeping your brows in shape is pretty easy, and is another thing to add to your morning routine to get your eyes noticed.

 Good luck!

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