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Choosing A Scent

 Hello everybody! The sun has finally come out of hiding, so I got out my favorite summer scents. I am here to help you in the process of finding your signature scent(s).

 Think about all of the great smells you have encountered. Fresh baked cookies? The woods? citrus? How about flowers? These are all great scents, and it's hard to choose one.

 The main scent types are:
  • Floral: Romantic, feminine, and soft.
  • Chypre: Mossy, leather-like, but fresh scents.
  • Gourmand: Food inspired scents. Like vanilla, and cotton candy.
  • Fougere: fresh, and floral-like.
  • Citrus: Energizing, fruity scents.
  • Orientals: Spicy and exotic. Like cinnamon.
 Those are the six main fragrance types. Looking at those is an easy way to choose. But now you have to choose which specific scent out of one of those groups.

 If you like floral scents, think of your favorite flower. If your favorite flower is, let's say, roses, then you can look for a fragrance with a top note of rose. I would recommend Sweet Pea from Bath and Body Works.

 If you like woodsy scents, like the chypre scent category, think about the woods. what's your favorite thing about it? if you chose bark on a tree, look for a scent with a top note of bark extract. Twilight Woods from Bath and Body Works.

 If you prefer gourmand scents, think about your favorite desert. If it's vanilla cake, again,look for that in a top note. I would recommend Coconut from The Body Shop.

 Fougere? Just do the same fresh and floral. So maybe citrus and floral for the top note.

 Oriental pretty much explains itself. Things like amber, and sort of like woody scents, but with cinnamon.

 Citrus scents are nice because they are so energizing. I recommend Satsuma from The Body Shop.

 Now is the fun part. picking the form you want the fragrance to be in.

 If you tend to travel, or like refreshers on-the-go, fragrance mist is a good idea for you. It is small, and you just spritz it on fast.

 Shower gel is great if you want a nice wake-up. You will smell great all day.

 Lotion or body butter is fantastic if you want to moisturize your skin and smell great. It's two in one!

 Perfume is good for all of you out there that don't want the scents to be overpowering. Spritz some on your hair so that when people hug you they smell the perfume.

 Have fun and smell great!

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