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Dresses And Skirts: The Girly Stuff

 Hello everybody. I myself love dresses and skirts. Lots of girls and women love them as well. If you're here, you get to learn a few rules and tips for wearing dresses and skirts.

 You shall not:
  • Wear ones that are too short. Have them at least halfway down your thighs.
  • Hike them up every ten seconds. If it doesn't fit, get new ones.
  • Wear dresses that are so tight that you can't walk.
  •  Sit down in the way where you hug your knees. Every girl should know this.
 Those are just some basic rules that you should follow. I like to make sure that my skirts and dresses end at about knee level so that I don't have as many risks.

 A fun way to jazz up an outfit is to wear a longer skirt as a top. It is like a makeshift tube top. Heck, you can even wear one as a poncho! However you wear it, rock it!

  • Try to do as little running as possible when wearing a dress or skirt, because the wind will blow the back upwards. 
  • Can't think of an outfit? Throw on a dress and some stylish flip-flops. Add a hat to make it look more put together.
  • Experiment. Try anything you want; Just don't break the fashion rules!

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