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DIY Makeup Remover

 Hello! I'll let you in on a secret..... Unlike you have been doing, you don't actually have to spend money buying makeup remover. Yes, truth be told, your makeup remover money spending days are over!

 You only need two ingredients. Look in your pantry. The main ingredient is extra virgin olive oil! Practically any product made with olive oil is a great eye makeup remover. Cleansers with olive oil will work as well.

 The second ingredient is aloe vera water. If you don't have any, filtered water works as well.

 How do you do it? Only a few simple steps.

 Make sure that you have a re-sealable bottle to store your makeup remover.
  1.  Fill the bottle up about three quarters with aloe vera water or filtered water.
  2. Add a little less than 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil; A little goes a long way. Put the cap on the bottle and shake until mixed well.
  3. You should notice that before you shook it, the oil was floating above the water. So after you shake it you need to use it quickly, and each time you use it shake it again.
  4. And voila! You have your own makeup remover.
 Now all you have to do to remove your makeup is to take some cotton pads and add two to three drops of the solution onto the pad.

 Hold it on your eye for a few seconds, and then swipe. Repeat with the rest of your face, and cleanse as usual.

 Have fun!

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