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Review: The Body Shop Body Butters

 Hey everyone. This afternoon I decided to do a quick review. On TBS body butters in scents: Coconut, Satsuma, and Strawberry.

 My favorite one so far is the Satsuma body butter. I love it because the scent doesn't absorb into my skin too fast, so it leaves you smelling GREAT. It is made for normal skin. I also think it's a great summer scent.

 Strawberry is a close winner. I thought that it was going to smell more artificial, which it does at first. Once it begins to dry it smells more like strawberries with a bit of sugar. I love it. It is also made for normal skin.

 Coconut was the first one I received as a gift. My first body butter as well. I think that it would be a great scent for a beach. It is made for normal skin. It soaks into your skin pretty fast and the scent lingers long.

 I hope to keep collecting them because they are amazing. I advise you to get these three if you like summer scents.


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