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Foods That Cause Acne And Foods That Prevent It

 Hi everyone. Have you ever wondered which foods can cause acne? Well, if you're reading this you're about to find out.

 Acne is caused by your hormones. Many of these acne causing foods are things that you need in your system to give your body nutrients.

 Trans-fats are things that can lead up to causing blemishes. Trans-fats are present in the foods below:
  • Chocolate chip cookies made with soybean or cottonseed oil.
  • Chocolate chip cookies with cream fillings are bad as well.
  • Commercially made taco shells.
  • Popcorn(usually microwave type) that has soybean oil.
 Omega 6 fatty acids can help cause acne as well.

 Luckily, water is a great cure. carry a water bottle with you at all times possible.

 Other foods that help treat acne are:
  • Green vegetables
  • Fish
  • Green tea
  • Whole grains
  • Purple foods
  • Dark red foods
 Remember, in the morning and before bed, take five minutes and devote it to washing, exfoliating, and treating your skin.

 Good luck!

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