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Beauty For Beginners: Blush & Bronzer

I've done plenty of talking about lips and eyes, so why don't I tell you about a highly used makeup product? I'm talking about blush or bronzer. Some women think that they always need their cheeks to be rosy and faces to be more defined. So blush and bronzer come in handy.

 The good way to apply blush is to take a fluffy powder brush and dip it ever so slightly in the blush. Then smile and brush it lightly over your cheekbones. Start out light and build it up if you want more.

 Cream blushes are better for hot weather. It doesn't melt as badly as powder blushes.

 Apply bronzer the same way, but instead of putting it on your cheekbones, put it just under them. You shouldn't need too much. It doesn't need to be all IN-YOUR-FACE.(get it?)

 If you have fairly light skin, go with light pastel colors. That way you won't look like a clown as you would if you used blush or bronzer that was too dark.

 Highlighters are pretty good if you want more definition. Try applying it on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and a little bit on your forehead. If you don't have one, use a light eyeshadow if you wish.

 Good luck!

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