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Beauty For Beginnners: Concealer

                                                                                                                                                                       Hello there my beauties! Concealer is used mainly for making the appearances of imperfections less noticeable. That is why most woman wear it. But.. Maybe you have some questions.

 Having a concealer too light or too dark is a bad thing. Examine your skin tone, and then try to find a concealer that is as close to that shade as possible. Tip: Test the concealer on your jawline and blend. If it is unnoticeable, you found a winner.

Thirteen Questions Tag!

Hey there my beauties! Tonight I felt like doing a fun tag that has been going around on YouTube called "Thirteen Questions".

OOTD August 19

 Hello my pretties! I thought I would share an outfit of the day since i haven't yet.

 Shirt- Garage
 Scarf-Tree House Gifts in Tofino
 Tank Top-Garage

 Today is mildly warm but cloudy so I added the scarf.

Have fun everyone!

Pastel Party!

 Why hello everybody! If you're like me and want a bit of color to your look, but are too nervous about trying bright colors, experiment with pastels!

Short Hair or Not?

 Hello everyone! Today it is extremely hot out and I thought it was a good reminder of how great short hair is.

 <--- I myself just recently got my hair cut at about this length. Just let me tell you. It is so much nicer, and it's great in the hot weather.